Interior Architecture and Design is a strong growing field in our modern world. It has become a part of the extensive boom within the construction industry. The demand for Interior designers is growing day by day where they are called upon for making renovations, curating alterations and designing new constructions. People with an innate creative design and an eye for detailing can quickly develop and fine-tune themselves with technical proficiency for the aesthetic appeal of user functionality to thrive and grow in this field.

People have started to recognize interior designers as qualified professionals for design spaces to user needs, like residential homes and apartments sometimes even public areas inclusive of entertainment spaces. Designers also are innovating creators who design Interior commercial spaces like Retail, Corporate or Professional offices, Hospitals, Facilities, Healthcare centers, Institutions, Restoration and Adaptive Reuse.

CoursesEstimated Time
Diploma In IAD 1 Year
Master Diploma In IAD 2 Years