Advance Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) has been designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of computers, internet, operating systems, office automation, PageMaker, tally, hardware maintenance, web design, CorelDraw, photoshop, taxation etc.

Expected Skills

* All the skills mentioned in the (FCA+DCA) + the below mentioned skills.
o. How to constructing a publication, using the PageMaker
o. How to build your own templates.
o. How to work text and graphics.
o. How to create table, objects & shaping
o. Creating a work environment for color management.
o. Working with line outline and brush stroke
o. Adding fill color and special effects.
o. Working with layout and organization
o. Working with text, Input/output
o. Using different tools of photoshop
o. Attractive page background Creation with photoshop.
o. Creating & Using different pattern.
o. How to Image Control ( Grayscale, Bitmap, Black & White)
o. Constructing a publication with Quark Express.
o. How to change layer effect and style.
o. Matching replacing and Mixing colors.
o. Adjusting image with levels, curves.
o. Charging the size of the Work Canvas.
o. Working with Multiple Layer.
o. Layer grouping, Linking and Multiple layer selection.
o. Improving Shadow and Highlight details.
o. Applying special color effects to images.
o. Using & Working with Quark Express tools.
o. Scanning.